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John Kourtoff

John has had a successful 33 year career in finance, investments, sustainable energy and the low-carbon economy. Prior to founding Canadian Green Fund, John was the CEO of Trillium Power Wind Corporation, the Toronto-based pioneer of offshore wind development in North America and its $2.1 Billion TPW1 far-offshore wind project.

John was the sole Canadian delegate representing Canada’s low-carbon economy at the G8 Environment Summit in Siracusa, Italy. A keynote and/or invited speaker at numerous international conferences he was also the Ontario Government's 'Investment Champion' and Keynote Speaker at the Canadian High Commission's 'Ontario Energy Forum' in London, England.

Earlier in his financial career John was VP and shareholder of a small mutual fund management company where he arranged, and invested in, the bulk of the equity bridge financing component that secured the purchase of $80 million in mutual funds in 1988. That initial purchase eventually took the company from obscurity, with less than $3.5 million in assets, to well over $6.3 Billion in assets under management when it was purchased by a major independent Canadian fund manager in 1999. Prior to joining the mutual fund company, John was a top investment manager at a well-known Canadian investment brokerage firm where he received numerous leadership awards.

John was a Director with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), which worked with the Ontario Government to pioneer the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009. He was a member of the Ontario Small Business Advisory Committee to the Ontario Ministry of Finance. He was the civilian co-chair of the Finance & Taxation Policy Advisory Committee and a member of the Energy Policy Advisory Committee as well as a member of other committees. In January 2004 he received the Trillium Award as the Best Policy Advisory Council Co-Chair (Finance). He was recently Co-Chair of the All-Energy Exhibition & Conference operated by Reed Elsevier (London).

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