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An overview of our platforms.

Canadian Green Fund is focused on project financing for projects that deploy proved forms of renewable energy. Unfortunately we do not fund clean tech.


We also develop Segregated Private Equity Platforms (SPEP) upon request. SPEPs are created for certain clients that are able to make a sizeable investment that they wish to have focused into particular areas of interest.

Canadian Green Fund develops investment platforms in areas that can provide 'non-correlated performance' that investors use to help insulate their portfolios from the ups and downs of public equity and bond markets.

A brief introduction to each platform is provided below:

Canadian District Energy Platform

This platform provides equity to District Energy investment opportunities across Canada that meet a strict set of investment criteria, including Triple Bottom Line performance requirements. Canadian District Energy returns are determined on a per project basis with a focus of providing solid returns on a portfolio of quality long-term operating assets. 

Segregated Private Equity Platform

Certain investors are able to make equity investments that are large enough for a specialized investment platform that can be customized to their requirements. A Segregated Private Equity Platform can provide the ability to focus investments in a particular sector and/or meet special legal or investment obligations.

Indigenous Communities Clean Energy Platform

This investment platform provides equity investments to remote and non remote indigenous 

communities in Canada to improve energy poverty and address energy poverty related infrastructure conditions.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
- Benjamin Franklin  
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