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District Energy

District energy systems produce steam, hot water or chilled water in individual buildings or at a central plant. The steam, hot water or chilled water is then piped underground to individual buildings for space heating, domestic hot water heating and air conditioning.


As a result, individual buildings served by a district energy system don't need their own boilers or furnaces, chillers or air conditioners.


The district energy system does that work for them, providing valuable benefits including: 

  • Improved energy efficiency 

  • Enhanced environmental protection

  • Fuel flexibility 

  • Ease of operation and maintenance 

  • Reliability 

  • Comfort and convenience for customers 

  • Decreased life-cycle costs 

  • Decreased building capital costs 

  • Improved architectural design flexibility

Appropriately planned, designed, constructed and operated district energy systems can provide significant savings over the long-term. This may allow an independent third-party, such as Canadian Green Fund, to finance project now so that building developers or owners can harness the financial, environmental and other benefits now.


Canadian Green Fund is working to provide unique funding solutions to accelerate the development of district energy projects.

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